News Posting Script - phpForm

An advanced article and news publishing script with extensive features, including an admin panel, one step installation wizard, multi-level sub-categories, article posting, editing and deleting, IP banning, search engine friendly URLs, complete integrated commenting system and more. Free installation and support.
Main Features
  • Simple one step installation wizard
  • Free installation and lifetime support
  • Responsive Bootstrap 4 template with high quality performance
  • Fully compatible with PHP7
  • Smarty-based templates
  • Responsive site design optimised for all tablets and mobile devices
  • Built-in Commenting System
  • Open source code
  • Recaptcha protection for registration
  • Recaptcha protection for commnets
  • Multilingual System
  • Control over the number of items per page
  • Unlimited categories and articles
  • Manage meta data
  • Option for sending emails by SMTP or PHPs mail function
  • Easy integration for Google Analytics and Statcounter
  • Paypal payment method integration with customizable payment plans
  • Payment History
  • Option approve articles / reviews before they are published
  • Static pages: Posting Rules, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy
  • PHP setlocale() option
  • Fixed admin toolbar
  • Posting Settings: Approve or not articles / reviews before they are published. Articles, reviews minimum characters. Articles, reviews maximum characters. Maximum, minimum upload image width and height.
  • Invisible tracking code HEAD and BODY tag
  • Optimize Database
  • Banners (Adsense) enabled / disabled
  • Users can publish / edit articles items through a simple interface
  • Add to Favorites feature
  • Change password
  • Upload profile image
  • Display fixed toolbar
  • Promote articles
  • Publish news or save as draft
Version 1.4. / 4.987. KB / Payments are handled by BMT Micro, Inc.
4.88 ( 562 ratings )