Installation Instruction - phpForm

Installation Instruction
  • Create empty MySQL database and add privileged user to this database
  • Unzip package and upload all directories and files to your root [/public_html/]
  • Point your browser to install.php
  • Fill the form with database information, admin login, website url and hit Next (Screenshot)
  • Once you have succesfully completed the installation, delete install.php from your server
  • To get to the Admin Panel you have to login as the administrator with the username and password you specified during the installation process
  • Admin Panel -> General Settings. Replace Recaptcha Site Key and Secret Key with your own one, generated at
  • Admin Panel -> General Settings. Enter your notification email address in the Info Email field.
  • Admin Panel -> Mail Settings. Enter From Email email address in the From Email field (Example: [email protected]).
  • If you need help with installation, send us an email with FTP and MySQL details
PayPal IPN [Optional]
  • Admin Panel -> Payment Settings -> PayPal Payment Module -> Select: Enabled
  • Make sure you setup your PayPal IPN Configure IPN Listener