Knowledge base & Support ticketing system - phpForm - CP tickets

Knowledge base & Support ticketing system written in PHP with MySQL database backend. Free installation, support and lifetime updates.
Website Features
  • Knowledge base with unlimited categories, articles, comments and replies
  • Support ticket system with easy to use features add/edit/review/rate change ticket status
  • Articles, comments and replies can be rated
  • Customers can rate support staff based on their satisfaction
  • Fully responsive Bootstrap 5 design
  • Seo friendly urls
  • Multilingual support
  • Fully editable open source code
  • Google reCAPTCHA protection (registration, password recovery, comments)
  • Easy integration for Statcounter and Google Analytics
  • Email verification for new users
  • Real-time email notification (ticket assigned, replies to tickets, new user)
  • Save articles and read later
  • Sort support tickets by department, date, update date, priority, ticket status, customer, activity
  • Sort support ticket by newest, oldest, only my responses, display only last response
Admin Panel
  • Knowledge Base
    • Add/manage/delete knowledge base categories
    • Add/manage/delete knowledge base post
    • Manage/Delete knowledge base post coments and replies
  • Departments
    • Add/Manage/Delete departments
  • Customize homepage
    • Change logo text
    • Change first line text
    • Change second line text
  • Static pages
    • Edit Terms of Use and Privacy Policy page
  • General Settings
    • Info Email
    • Template
    • Site Mode (Support tickets or Support tickets / Knowledge base)
    • Locale
    • Language
    • Recaptcha Keys
    • Pagination page limit
  • Mail Settings
    • Send mail with PHP Mail or SMTP
  • Posting Settings
    • Approve reviews before they are published
    • Tickets and replies minimum characters
    • Tickets and replies maximum characters
    • Attachment maximum file size
    • XSS Attacks Prevention
Version 1.12. / 4.5. KB / via BMT Micro, Inc.