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PHP Tutorials

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Useful step-by-step PHP tutorials for beginners
PHP Form Validation

PHP Mail

Sending HTML Email With Images

Creating a CAPTCHA with PHP

Creating a CAPTCHA with PHP 2

Bad Word Filter with PHP

Bookmark Current Page

Timed Redirect JavaScript

Upload Image With PHP

Upload Image With PHP 2

Upload and Resize with PHP

Upload File With PHP

PHP Cookies and Sessions

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Filter Words in PHP - PHP Tutorial

Filter bad words in PHP, requirement(s): PHP server

Preventing multiple form submissions

Preventing multiple form submissions

Syntax highlighting in Smarty

Syntax highlighting for Smarty - Google Code Prettify

PHP $_POST Function

Collect values from a form sent with method post

MySQL Basic Functions

MySQL Basic Functions - select, delete, update..

PHP Fwrite : fwrite

php write to file - how to write data to a file using the php frwite function

PHP str_replace

str_replace - This function returns a string or an array with all occurrences of search in subject replaced with the given replace value

Bookmark Script

Allow your users to easily bookmark your site, by clicking on a link on the page.

PHP File Create

Create and write data to a file using the php frwite function.

Upload and Resize an Image with PHP

Tutorial - How to upload and resize image with PHP
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