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PHP DateTimeZone

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PHP representation of time zone
$date_at_timezone = new DateTimeZone('Europe/London');
$date_at_timezone2 = new DateTimeZone('Europe/Belgrade');
$date_at_timezone3 = new DateTimeZone('Australia/Queensland');
$date_at_timezone4 = new DateTimeZone('Australia/Sydney');
$date = new DateTime();
echo $date->format('l dS F Y h:i:s A') . " London<br>";
echo $date->format('l dS F Y h:i:s A') . " Belgrade<br>";
echo $date->format('l dS F Y h:i:s A') . " Queensland<br>";
echo $date->format('l dS F Y h:i:s A') . " Sydney<br>";

Wednesday 29th September 2010 01:22:24 PM London
Wednesday 29th September 2010 02:22:24 PM Belgrade
Wednesday 29th September 2010 10:22:24 PM Queensland
Wednesday 29th September 2010 10:22:24 PM Sydney

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