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Captcha V2 - Free PHP Script

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PHP Captcha protection image Version 2, - Requirement(s): PHP Server, GD Library

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FeedBack Form with Captcha

It allows your visitors to send you an email directly from your website.

Captcha V1 - Free PHP Script

An anti-spam form protection image written in PHP, Version: 1.1.

Upload File with PHP

Basic file uploading with PHP

Sitemap Website Sitemap

Images In Textarea - CSS

Tutorial Images in Textarea

Bookmark Script

Allow your users to easily bookmark your site, by clicking on a link on the page.

PHP $_GET Function

Get function in PHP

Prevent the error loading XML – libxml_use_internal_errors

libxml_use_internal_errors() allows you to disable standard libxml errors and enable user error handling.

MySQL Basic Functions

MySQL Basic Functions - select, delete, update..

PHP explode

Explode — Split a string by string.
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