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Captcha V2 - Free PHP Script

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PHP Captcha protection image Version 2, - Requirement(s): PHP Server, GD Library

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Inserting form data in MySql table

Inserting form data in MySql table with PHP

PHP/MySQL Bookmarklet - PHP Tutorial

PHP/MySQL bookmarklet, bookmark current page, PHP/MySQL tutorial.


Draws a line between the two given points.

PHP Cookies and Sessions Tutorial

PHP Cookies and Sessions Tutorials

PHP Tutorials

Useful step-by-step PHP tutorials for beginners

PHPBB3 Shoutbox

Vesion: 1.1. Released: 08/08/10, Licence GNU, Price: Free


Getimagesize function will determine the size of any given image file and return the dimensions along with the file type and a height/width text string to be used inside a normal HTML IMG tag and the correspondant HTTP content type.

Create dynamic Web Pages with PHP & MySQL

Create dynamic Web Pages with PHP & MySQL, Requirement(s): PHP Server, MySQL

PHP DateTimeZone

PHP representation of time zone

Upload Image with PHP [Example2]

[Example2] Tutorial - How to upload and resize image with PHP
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